AAA Roadside Charging
AAA Roadside Charging - article
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Hi Dale

Thanks for the article, AAA thought it was good idea, don't think it panned out well, I remember reading recently that these are not being used much as people are charging up, if i find it i post that link

here is the article
(11-01-2016, 05:29 PM)DiscjockeyDale Wrote: AAA Roadside Charging - article
   I would love it if instead of a tax credit for PEV's, the Feds would install charging stations at EVERY roadside rest area on the Interstate highway system. Now, THAT would show the Federal Government is serious about alternative fuel vehicles! I know, it makes sense and is logical - so it will never happen...... Angry
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I think that will come with roughly two billion settlement from dieselgate will go to charging infrastructure

three components of the settlements
* -Buybacks and financial settlements to owners of 466,000 vehicles: $10.0 billion
*- Compensation for the illegal cars’ environmental impact: $2.7 billion
*- Fund new infrastructure and access for zero-emission vehicles: $2.0 billion
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