Braille Battery
Does anyone here know for certain if the Braille Battery listed as an EM partner on their page is the same Braille Battery out of Sarasota, Florida? I was on their page and was amazed at the awards they've won - IN THE FIELD OF RACING! I mean WOW! These guys really have it together - PLUS, their in the USA! How good is that? This is all adding up to me  Smile
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yes its the same company

this company has changed hands couple of times

what we need to know is which battery from their

here is the latest info

here is the previous post that got lost
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have anyone of you heard or know of

they are listed as partners

just curious if any one dig up reliability/performance of these batteries

HI all

same thing about following website
also there is another one listed as embassy,

don't know what they do

see if any one can find info

appreciate your input

check this out
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