Just to illustrate ...
I saw this in Berlin today: not quite legal and often fined by traffic police; it´s the latest Smart, made on the Renault Twingo chassis (a four seater!), so it´s a bit longer than the old model. The Solo is even longer, so would definitely jut out into traffic and be classed as a hazard when parked in this manner. Furthermore, please note that it can park against the curb (or even on it), whereas the Solo might not be able to:-

[Image: IMG_0958.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0961.jpg]
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Good point on parking.  It's not quite legal to park perpendicular to the curb?  The Smart sticks well beyond the car that's parallel parked in the photo above and a possible hazard if you were driving by in your Solo or SRK.   

The good news is that the curb height looks to be lower than 7".
It´s legal, so long as it doesn´t protrude so as to hinder passing traffic (which the Smart in the photo does). The Smart has sufficient ground clearance back and front (hardly any overhang) to deal with medium height kerbs. Best do a test run with the Solo .... you can always hand it back afterwards
Looking at the side view of the Solo tells me if you back it towards the curb stop the rear tire hits the curb with no rear panel overhang whatsoever.  The lowest point of the front bumper is at the maximum 7" clearance.  It looks like 7" is the magic number for the typical clearance consideration.  I don't see it as a major concern.  Again they said the clearance is + / - adjustable. 

Lots of variables here: local laws, local customs and attitudes, type and size of parking spaces.
If I calculated correctly, it would take a minimum 8' * 16' parallel parking spot for two Solo's to angle park in a single space.

Assuming it was legal, and the locals didn't mind, it would be possible for a Solo and almost any two-wheeled motorcycle to share a spot.

I've ridden bikes for years, and some bikers love sharing parking spots, and others hate it. If things are crowded, I always try to leave room for another bike if I can.

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