US Tax Incentives
A member gave me this link to pass  on.

It concerns whether or not the US federal electric automobile and the electric motorcycle tax incentives have been extended.
Keep in mind that the Solo is going to be federally classified as a motorcycle and would only qualify for the MC tax incentive.
I haven't looked at this yet, but I was told that the electric automobile tax incentive was extended but the MC was not.
The electric automobile incentive was, and still is, up to $7500. The electric MC incentive was up to $2500 in 2016.

Arcimoto has also said that it's their understanding that the e-MC incentives were not extended into 2017.
They also stated that efforts are still underway to get those incentives extended. I believe this was on their FB page.
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The tax credit for EV two and three wheeled vehicles does need to be renewed, but given the current political climate, it does seem unlikely.
The phase out of the EV car tax credit does offer hope for some credit for those with Tesla Model 3 intentions.
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Here in Arizona they want to charge electric vehicles owners a fee because they don't pay gas tax. Power companies charge solar customers a fee to be on the grid. Credits? Just penalties for doing the right thing! Makes me want to own this car more than ever!

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