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Electric Motorcycles
Have you seen these electric motorcycle. I will have to find a day I can stop by our local dealer and check them out.
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Sweet!  Zero has been around for awhile.  If I wasn't only a biker wannabe I may buy one.  What appeals to me about EV's in general to include the Solo & SRK is the instant torque off the line and more importantly this comparison:

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Thanks for the post. I remember the Zero/Brammo bikes from the early days when they were pretty much just expensive toys. I did a bit of research and discovered a) most (all?) of the dealerships offer demo rides and b) they were hosting a demo ride event (part of a car show / air show / etc) today not far from me.

They let me test ride a DSR, since the SR wasn't available, and it was a blast. It comes with 3 power/regen settings. Eco is very mild. Full throttle and it gently pulls away from a stop, and has mild acceleration at all speeds. Sport is their unrestricted mode. More on that in a bit. Custom lets you set power and regen to your own preferences. Since this was just a short ride, I didn't even try custom mode, much less play with the settings.

The bikes come with ABS, and the brakes seemed quite good. I didn't "performance test" the brakes or the tires, but everything performed well. Good lever feel, good stopping power. I don't normally use a lot of rear brake, and didn't notice anything out of line with rear braking. After the ride, I realized that I hadn't paid any attention to the regen, in either more, so I can't make any profound comments. The bike felt normal off-throttle. Ie, it didn't feel like it was either free-wheeling or decelerating abruptly. For as different as the bike felt in many ways, the regen not standing out is a good thing from my point of view.

Different. Wow, is it different. Sort of like an old friend who started working out, got a haircut, or change religions. The same, but not the same. My left fingers kept reaching for the clutch that wasn't there, and my left toes kept reaching for the non-existent shifter. Especially at first, less so at the end of the ride. It probably would be no big deal for a scooter rider, but I didn't become fully comfortable with the throttle taking off from a stop. Eco was almost too soft, and Sport was a bit unnerving. Big torque, instant response. It could become addictive. I've ridden, and still own, much more powerful bikes, but none with the 116 lb/ft of torque that the SR/DSR puts out down low. With normal bikes, the sound and fury go together, and I have developed a good feel for what the bike is about to do. Especially at lower (under 70mph) speeds, the Zero goes from quiet and peaceable to killer without even raising its voice.

Different. Addictive. A bit unsettling. Deceptively quick. At 45mph, it's quieter that any of my bikes loafing in top gear, but has the acceleration of the quickest of them as if they were in first or second. Just goosing the bike, without whacking the throttle, brings a quick shove and you're well over the speed limit. Getting on the freeway, I passed a car on the on-ramp. It felt (sounded?) like I was going about 50-55, and looked down and was doing 75mph. From there, acceleration was more like a 650 than a sport bike, and I didn't go much faster. If I were to buy one, I'd play with the Custom power settings.

TLDR The Zero, at least in the DSR/SR trim, is a blast to ride. It is a real motorcycle, and is well past the toy stage. If you can live with the price, and the range limitations, it would make a terrific ride. For me, it would be a great bike in a two-bike garage. Part of what I like about riding is taking longer get-away-from-it-all trips from time to time, and it wouldn't work for that. It would be great for commuting, errand running, and local play time. Color me very impressed.
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Thanks for that detailed analysis of the ride. I have been toying with the idea of getting on. It is either that or the solo as I just need it to commute back and forth from work. My wife doesn't like the idea of a motorcycle again as now we have children and "I need to be safer".

Currently I am still on getting the Solo as it least it has storage space and a shell in case there is an accident. I can see myself as getting the Zero motorcycle as a fun bike to have for the weekends and summer.
Thought for the day: Listen to your wife!

I have been listening to mine for 49 years.
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(03-27-2017, 12:04 PM)Rickb Wrote: Thought for the day:  Listen to your wife!  

I have been listening to mine for 49 years.

That is great advise and congrats on 49 years. I have just passed 6 so we have a long way to go!
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(03-27-2017, 12:43 PM)sebi2003 Wrote:
(03-27-2017, 12:04 PM)Rickb Wrote: Thought for the day:  Listen to your wife!  

I have been listening to mine for 49 years.

That is great advise and congrats on 49 years. I have just passed 6 so we have a long way to go!

Thanks!  6 is a solid number and sounds like your family is on the grow.  Time flies...........enjoy every single day of what can be bumpy ride some days.  On those days we can go Solo!  Smile
White Hot Solo #166

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