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Being A Canadian Solo Owner
I'm not sure what being a Canadian Solo owner means compared to, say, being a USAian owner. We have a reputation for being "nicer" whatever that means. Perhaps that comes from most of us not commuting on hot mega-lane freeways at insane speeds, or living in cities with more than a few million inhabitants, or just a different relationship to government and governmental regulations... We do have a cooler climate and love heating systems for automobile interiors, windows, and even seats. We do dress appropriately in winter. We do stay between the lines on the road. All these things are either easier or more difficult with the Solo, so they are relevant.

I think the Solo should be very manoeuvrable and fit between the lines easier so it's good to be a Canadian Solo owner just as for everyone else. Not fogging windows when it's -30C out there is an issue. Can I just wear my military surplus face-mask and let the cold air play on the windscreen? Shy Can I drive the Solo while wearing mittens? Will my stomach have egress and ingress while wearing two sweaters and my parka? Will I have to give up routine driving of my Solo when the snow and ice are everywhere? How is it in a 70km/h crosswind?

I'm Canadian. I adapted to winter and old age. I can adapt to the Solo one way or another. I figure I can avoid long trips in winter when the range of the battery will be less and I can travel only on days when the snow and ice on the roads will be minimal. That makes some appointments hit or miss so I might have to keep a gas-guzzler or bigger electric car around just for that season. My wife and I have different driving habits. She uses the gas-guzzler far more than I. Perhaps our other car could be a Nissan Leaf or Tesla 3 or ... instead of an ICEd monster. A huge advantage of the Solo and other EVs is that "warm-up" is instant. You jump in the car and drive, except for that fogging issue. With shorter trips only in winter the electric heater of the Solo should help.

I'm going to enjoy being a Canadian Solo owner. Change can be stressful but dealing with change also keeps me alive. It's all good.
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I'll enjoy being a USA solo owner. I enjoyed being a USA '59 VW bug first car.
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