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CEO Report
From the Desk of Jerry Kroll

Early production of SOLOs from our New Westminster, B.C. factory continues to spool up, and we’ve had the pleasure of delivering another two customer cars since my June update: Cars #0010 and #0011. The first SOLOs will be delivered in the general Vancouver area, and Vancouver Island, to keep them within a few hours of our shop in case we need to perform any work on them. I felt like Santa Claus delivering the last one in Victoria, as the bright red SOLO had the neighbourhood buzzing while Mark West went over the manual with the new owner. Seriously, if you are not getting enough attention with your Lamborghini, you can always step up to a SOLO! We parked it at the big Empress Hotel for a while, and had a constant ten to twenty people around it. And the SOLOs are performing as advertised. Just a beautiful ride. You can book your SOLO test drive experience, currently at our HQ, by just sending us an email to

We just had the gentleman known as “The Soup Nazi” from the Seinfeld Show drop in to our HQ for a test drive. If he can make it here, so can you! He’s a very charming man, and was in town to do a fundraiser for people harmed by the recent forest fires. He gets climate destruction, and knows we need to do more! If you don’t understand this, “No SOLO for YOU!!” Better yet, take up
Fandango's offer of a free ticket to An Inconvenient Sequel (use promo code "CLIMATEEDU"). It's a must-see!

We also had four SOLOs on display at an electric car expo in July, and had almost 300 people do quick test drives over the one day. Lots of great feedback, and people have a lot more patience than I would, standing in line for half an hour for a 5-minute spin around a small test track. Everyone seemed happy though, and we got another whack of SOLO orders out of it. We are close to having our entire 2018 production sold out.

On the Tofino front, our first prototype is now being built up in the Braid shop and should be on the road in a few weeks. We plan to unveil it at the September 9th Vancouver Supercar show, as well as our Braid Street Open House on September 8th. RSVP at if you'd like to attend. This is a good time to come over and see the SOLOs coming together, as well as the first two prototype Tofinos, for yourself. I always feel more comfortable when people see things for themselves, to eliminate any miscommunication from any of my updates. Come see, feel and smile. It’s all real, and real cool! Please come out and have a coffee with myself and our production and development team. I promise you’ll be impressed. To my knowledge, no other car company does this as openly as Electra Meccanica does! We are very proud of what we’re doing!

On the financial side of things, our public market filing of EMV stock continues to cruise along. It’s now shown as ECCTF on the OTCQB venture exchange (US markets) and I’m told that our shareholders certificates are all being digitized and should begin actual trading soon. I’m beyond pleased at the public market support for Tesla stock, and having met the two founders Marc and Martin back in 2007, it is a dream come true for EV supporters. I hope we are as fortunate with EMV, so we can deploy all the SOLOs, Tofinos and other products that we have in our pipeline. It seems that sustainable business, and clean tech energy in particular is getting the lion’s share of investor attention. Our timing could not have been any better!

The next couple of months will include a lot of travel for myself and the EMV team, as we set up business around the world. Connect with our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all the adventures, and tune in to Facebook Live at 6 P.M. PST, September 11th for our monthly EMV Update! I have an SCCA open wheel competition at Laguna Seca on September 1-3, so come by and say “Hi” if you’re in the Monterey, California area during that time. Admission is free, and you can have a photo sitting in my Formula car!

September 14th is our EMV Annual General Meeting, and this year we will be holding it at the beautiful Science World facility, one block away from our HQ in Vancouver. It will be a live theatre presentation, and will include introductions to our entire team and some special guests! Bring your questions on our business, products and plans, and let’s get excited about Electra Meccanica! Official notices will go out to all shareholders soon, but please accept this as an invitation to attend as my guest, and RSVP to We really are doing special things, and I love sharing it with everyone who is interested!

All the best to everyone for a happy summer, and looking forward to catching up again with the next EMV CEO report!


[Image: c065c560-bed7-43a7-9c49-d93aa271b323.png]

Jerry Kroll, CEO
ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.
I *loved* the "Seriously, if you are not getting enough attention with your Lamborghini, you can always step up to a SOLO" line!!
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Electra Meccanica December CEO Letter 2017
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[Image: 79dceca2-6c71-49f0-8402-ee60d10ea15c.png]

From the Desk of Jerry Kroll

What a year 2017 has been!

We began customer deliveries of the 2017 SOLOs to the first lucky reservation holders in Canada, and are actively working on the United States Department of Transportation certification process for deliveries in 2018. Additionally, we have multiple factory options coming together, with our first facility in New Westminster now streamlined, and our first large-scale, offshore facility in Asia setting up an assembly line with the ability to produce up to 75,000 SOLOs over the next three years. Those numbers won’t solve worldwide climate destruction by themselves, but with our global ambitions, it will lead the way for a massive change on the roads of the world, moving away from gasoline and diesel! If you have an existing SOLO reservation in hand, you can plan on getting your baby this coming year! If you put an order in now we’ll do our best, but deliveries will likely begin in 2019. Mark, Chris and our sales team have done an amazing job!
This year we also merged the Intermeccanica and Electra Meccanica enterprises into one publicly traded company, and established a market value of over $200 million right out of the gate! One of my recent highlights was touring New York with my financial team and making our application for our upcoming 2018 IPO on the NASDAQ exchange. While I write this, our financial team is traveling around the world before meeting again in New York by the end of this year to ensure that all filings are up-to-date. We will keep everyone posted on this VERY important next step, and you can look forward to a new Electra Meccanica stock trading symbol to be a part of the listing! Try guessing what it’ll be!! And, speaking of New York, we have a beautiful white SOLO in Manhattan now with our Investor Relations group, so if you see it say “Hi” to the gang over there.
As if that wasn’t enough, I also just returned from this season’s first Formula E race in Hong Kong. The event involved two races, and one resulted in a victory by our new buddy Felix Rosenqvist of the Mahindra Formula E Team. If you get a chance, you really should attend one of these futuristic car races! July 14-15 in New York seems to be the most convenient for North American fans. The sound of these amazing race cars is nothing short of delicious, as you hear every gear, spindle and rotor spinning tons of thrust down towards the road. And you can bring your kids, who will not have to worry about the ear protection required at standard internal combustion car events – it’s wonderful! The corporate enthusiasm is there, too. Formula 1 now has 4 manufacturers involved, and Formula E has over ten! The writing's on the wall!! We may even have an EMV display at the North American events, so we’ll look for you there!
Another massive event that I’ve always wanted to attend is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and I’m happy to say that Electra Meccanica will be displaying there, across from the massive Sony area, on January 9th through the 12th! For years people have been asking us to attend, and two of our newest SOLOs (one red, one white) are just now being loaded on a transporter to head to the Las Vegas Convention Center! And there is no problem getting our team down there, as we always have an exciting and productive time! Let us know if you’re a reservation holder, and we’ll stage a nice photo of you in one of the cars.
The next SOLO driving event, called “SOLOpalooza”, will be in early 2018 in Vancouver. After that, we’re organizing a transporter to take a fleet of cars around to various venues so that we can let everyone have their first hands-on experience with a SOLO. This is one of the most rewarding things for me to see people do, as there is no substitute for actually driving a SOLO. Big smiles, always!! After this sort of test drive, it really doesn’t require much imagination to visualize owning and driving your very own SOLO. Just delightful! I spent the past two days thoroughly testing one of our latest SOLOs before it heads out this week on its mission with a special client. More on that later…
We have a very full and promising year coming up. As I’ve told the team here at EMV, 2018 will likely be an historic year for us, with more SOLO deliveries, the Tofino pre-production car rolling out, the listing on NASDAQ, and deploying some of the largest and most exciting marketing promotions I’ve EVER heard of! You can quiz me next December at our monthly “EMV Update” video broadcast, and let’s see if I’ve met or exceeded your expectations--and my own!!
From all of us at Electra Meccanica and Intermeccanica, I hope you all had a very good 2017, and I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and charming holiday season. I look forward to an even better 2018 that will excite and reward us, while moving us closer to our goal of closing the last gas station.
Season’s Greetings!
[Image: c065c560-bed7-43a7-9c49-d93aa271b323.png]

Jerry Kroll, CEO
ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp.

Copyright © 2017 - ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp - All rights reserved.

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102 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver B.C., V5T 1A4

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