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Yep. All true.
Often the chickens are subsidized while they eat the subsidized corn!
Then they're transported to the processor and again to the store using subsidized diesel.
And then I can cook my $1.99/lb. boneless chicken breasts using electricity that came from subsidized diesel and coal!

Unfortunately, the only people not making out on all this are the real farmers and the independent truckers.
Required listening... House of Lords - Can't find my way home
This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
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For those that are anti-government subsidies that keep food affordable for the average family, perhaps one day those anti-government folks will vote into office a President that will repeal and NOT replace the corporate farm subsidy programs and only the 1% will be able to afford groceries.  Frankly, the masses receive some actual tax payer benefit from government subsidies by keeping food and other products more affordable.  I could be wrong.  

20 years ago I was going to buy a mid sized commercial Kubota Tractor and decided the American Made John Deere Brand would be more patriotic only to discover the only tractors made in the USA were large industrial/farm tractors because there was little to no profit incentive manufacturing small tractors.   I bought the Kubota.

Apparently, low to no profit margin holds true on small cars, as USA car makers move all small car manufacturing out of our country.  The mission to keep the SOLO's MSRP as low and EMV's profit as high as possible apparently requires foreign sourced parts, manufacturing, and perhaps final assembly.
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