Santa Loves Solo
A slow day here at the owner's forum, so I'll pass along the pictures of Santa visiting EMV...

[Image: 24312601_1551139924980572_42580540207924...e=5AC2B7FD]
[Image: 24296740_1551139898313908_41017009596314...e=5AD35570]
[Image: 24301005_1551139988313899_25439215467844...e=5A947397]

OK... So much for break time. Get back to work on our Solos. [Image: becky.gif]
Required listening... House of Lords - Can't find my way home
This version kicks. There's just no other way to describe it. Shivers.!
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Santa loved the SOLO until the Grinch canceled his reservation. Smile

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